Before you begin looking for your next set of Koya wheels, consider the information given in this handy wheel-buying guide, and consider the pros and cons of different wheel compositions. By evaluating a variety of factors, you can find the best wheels for your driving needs.


  • Alloy wheels are lightweight and offer greater performance characteristics. The light weight of a set of alloys increases handling and steering capability, and it decreases road feedback, giving you improved braking response.
  • Steel wheels, commonly called “steelies”, are heavier and they offer a lower center of gravity for your vehicle. A set of steel wheels is perfect for off-roading or driving on harsher terrain, but their increased weight diminishes their performance in other areas.
  • Chrome offers an aesthetically-pleasing look for both steel and alloy wheels. Chrome wheels are preferred by drivers who focus on appearance. While these wheels are prized for their mirror-like luster, strength and durability, they are fairly high-maintenance and require frequent cleaning to maintain their great looks.

Rim and Wheel Manufacturing Processes


  • Casting: Aluminium wheels are made through the process of casting. Here, molten metal is poured into a special mold, with the wheel’s shape being formed through pressure casting or through gravity.
  • Machining: In wheel machining, the processes of spinning, heating, casting and pressurization are used to fill molds with molten aluminium, shaping the wheels.
  • Forging: In the forging process, a solid piece of aluminium is used to form the wheel through extreme pressure and high heat. Forged wheels are strong, dense and light.

Finding the Right Set of Wheels


Choosing the perfect set of Tuff wheels for your vehicle depends on its characteristics and the ride quality you seek. When choosing wheels for a car or 4×4, consider these factors:

  • Size: Wheel weights and sizes offer differing performance characteristics. If you want to buy larger wheels, think of the largest wheel size your vehicle can accommodate.
  • Weight: A wheel’s weight greatly affects the vehicle’s performance. Heavier wheels diminish handling and increase stopping distance, while a lighter set improves handling and braking.
  • Terrain: You should think about the places you frequently drive, and your wheels should be chosen based on your local terrain and your driving habits.

Every customer has different reasons and criteria for buying new wheels, and you should contact a local expert with your concerns and questions. By going to an Australian vendor, you will stay on the cutting edge of performance, configuration and style.