Installing new wheels is a simple way to make a vehicle look different than all the others in the car park, but the purchase process can be confusing to the uninitiated. Backspacing and offset are two of the most unknown aspects when buying new Monster wheels, and as luck has it, they’re the two most vital measurements when making a selection.

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In this article we’ll explain what backspacing and offset are, and you’ll learn what to look for when taking measurements.

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Wheel Offset

Offset is a measurement of the distance from the wheel centre to the mounting face. When a wheel has a higher offset, it mounts further inward and offers greater clearance between the tyre’s outer edge and the fender. With lower offset wheels, they mount further inward, providing a wider stance and greater stability. It’s important to consult an installer before buying Speedy wheels to ensure that the set you choose provides sufficient offset to give you the clearance and style you desire.

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A wheel’s backspacing is the distance from its inside edge to its mounting face. Backspacing is equal to one-half of the wheel width plus the offset measured in inches, adding one-half inch to the total. Higher backspacing indicates that a wheel doesn’t protrude as far into the wheel well. Lifted 4x4s often have a maximum backspace, and if the number is too high, the wheels and tyres won’t fit the vehicle. Few 4WDs accommodate a backspace higher than five inches, and a backspacing measurement of less than that is common on lifted vehicles. Before buying a new set of wheels, consult a local installer to ensure that you are buying a set with the proper backspace to get the clearance and look you want.

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New TSW wheels can entirely change the look and characteristics of a vehicle, but you shouldn’t go into the wheel buying process without learning a few things first. Offset and backspacing are the most important measurements to take; without the numbers being right, the wheels simply won’t fit your vehicle. By learning how to take these measurements and by using them when making a selection, you’re sure to end up with the right type and size wheels for your vehicle.