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Wheels 101

Before you begin looking for your next set of Koya wheels, consider the information given in this handy wheel-buying guide, and consider the pros and cons of different wheel compositions. By evaluating a variety of factors, you can find the best wheels for your driving needs. Alloy wheels are lightweight and offer greater performance characteristics. […]

Electric Cars – What They Are and How They Work

Electric cars use batteries to store energy, and those batteries are recharged through your home’s electrical supply. When the car is in motion, the batteries supply power to an electric motor. Here, you will learn more about electric cars and how they work. Motor and Battery Tech The batteries in electric cars are made of […]

The Advantages and Features of 4×4 Wheels: Choosing the Best from the List

What is it that you think about for the first time when you hear about 4×4? It generally indicates a big and powerful vehicle which is capable of going off-road and driving over difficult terrain. On one hand, this is true but these days, some of the fanciest utility and sports utility vehicles can also […]

Wheel Offset and Backspacing

Installing new wheels is a simple way to make a vehicle look different than all the others in the car park, but the purchase process can be confusing to the uninitiated. Backspacing and offset are two of the most unknown aspects when buying new Monster wheels, and as luck has it, they’re the two most […]