What is it that you think about for the first time when you hear about 4×4? It generally indicates a big and powerful vehicle which is capable of going off-road and driving over difficult terrain.

On one hand, this is true but these days, some of the fanciest utility and sports utility vehicles can also be classified as 4x4s. What does 4×4 really stand for? The first figure stands for the total number of wheels available in the vehicle and the second figure denotes the number of powered wheels present in the vehicle.


The Concept of 4×4 Vehicles:

In case of a front wheel drive car, the two front wheels are the ones getting power and in case of a rear wheel drive, the rear two wheels are powered to push the car. The front wheel drive vehicle ends up pulling the car.


Compared to that, the 4×4 vehicle equipped with buy 4X4 wheels has power in all the fourwheels and all of them are used to move a car forward. The vehicle comes with a drive train which allows all the four wheels to receive torque from the engine in a simultaneous manner. According to experts, powering all of the four wheels ensures better control than normal cars on any kind of terrain.

Therefore, does it mean that there is always power on all the four wheels? It is not necessarily so. In some four wheel drive vehicles, the power can be switched. This means the driver can manually switch between the two-wheel modes and four wheel modes for everyday driving and off-road experiences.


The Importance of 4×4 Rims:

The full time 4 wheel drives come with exceptional 4×4 wheels which allow them to be easily driven on any kind of surface. They are known for their great handling capabilities and they perform admirably on slippery surfaces where the need of proper grip is highly essential.

The four wheel drive vehicles with the best 4wd rims are mechanically simpler and they are also cheaper and tougher than all-wheel systems. They are much better in utilizing the available traction in the vehicles. The systems further come with gear reduction settings which multiply the torque for greater power in lower speeds. This is a vital feature for cars that see a lot of off-road usage.


The Benefits of the Modern Day 4×4 Wheels:

The only drawback is that it lacks any kind of a centre differential. Meanwhile, a part time system can be used in the low traction situations.

The four wheel drives systems are exceptionally advanced. When you are on a piece of muddy road and the front wheel ends up losing traction, the drive systems removes all power automatically from the front left wheel and then it is individually distributed on all the other three wheels.


With advanced Alloy wheels located on these four wheel drive systems, churning out the power of your vehicle off-road will be quite impressive. You need your vehicle to be equipped with proper wheels and functionality and the 4×4 wheels would be perfect for off-road usage and experience.