Wheels 101

Before you begin looking for your next set of Koya wheels, consider the information given in this handy wheel-buying guide, and consider the pros and cons of different wheel compositions. By evaluating a variety of factors, you can find the best wheels for your driving needs.


  • Alloy wheels are lightweight and offer greater performance characteristics. The light weight of a set of alloys increases handling and steering capability, and it decreases road feedback, giving you improved braking response.
  • Steel wheels, commonly called “steelies”, are heavier and they offer a lower center of gravity for your vehicle. A set of steel wheels is perfect for off-roading or driving on harsher terrain, but their increased weight diminishes their performance in other areas.
  • Chrome offers an aesthetically-pleasing look for both steel and alloy wheels. Chrome wheels are preferred by drivers who focus on appearance. While these wheels are prized for their mirror-like luster, strength and durability, they are fairly high-maintenance and require frequent cleaning to maintain their great looks.

Rim and Wheel Manufacturing Processes


  • Casting: Aluminium wheels are made through the process of casting. Here, molten metal is poured into a special mold, with the wheel’s shape being formed through pressure casting or through gravity.
  • Machining: In wheel machining, the processes of spinning, heating, casting and pressurization are used to fill molds with molten aluminium, shaping the wheels.
  • Forging: In the forging process, a solid piece of aluminium is used to form the wheel through extreme pressure and high heat. Forged wheels are strong, dense and light.

Finding the Right Set of Wheels


Choosing the perfect set of Tuff wheels for your vehicle depends on its characteristics and the ride quality you seek. When choosing wheels for a car or 4×4, consider these factors:

  • Size: Wheel weights and sizes offer differing performance characteristics. If you want to buy larger wheels, think of the largest wheel size your vehicle can accommodate.
  • Weight: A wheel’s weight greatly affects the vehicle’s performance. Heavier wheels diminish handling and increase stopping distance, while a lighter set improves handling and braking.
  • Terrain: You should think about the places you frequently drive, and your wheels should be chosen based on your local terrain and your driving habits.

Every customer has different reasons and criteria for buying new wheels, and you should contact a local expert with your concerns and questions. By going to an Australian vendor, you will stay on the cutting edge of performance, configuration and style.

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Electric Cars – What They Are and How They Work

Electric cars use batteries to store energy, and those batteries are recharged through your home’s electrical supply. When the car is in motion, the batteries supply power to an electric motor. Here, you will learn more about electric cars and how they work.

Motor and Battery Tech

The batteries in electric cars are made of stacked electrochemical cells, and each cell typically produces about two volts. Up until the late 90s, most electric vehicles used lead-acid batteries, but today’s cars are usually fitted with lithium polymer or lithium ion cells. These new batteries offer better performance and a longer range, and are the choice of most vehicle makers.

The first electric vehicles used DC motors, but most new cars use an inverter to convert direct current to alternating current, with the AC powering the induction motor. Cars such as these have higher power, increased efficiency and lower maintenance requirements. However, they cost a bit more, and the apparatus that controls the motor’s speed and inverts the power is more complex. Some electric cars recharge the batteries en route with regenerative braking, which can increase range by up to 20%.

Behind the Wheel

The driving experience in an electric car is different than that of a conventional car. The shifting mechanism works the same way as in an automatic vehicle, and upon accelerator usage, you won’t hear much noise from the engine. As the car gets going, any minor engine noise is covered up by wind and other factors.

Most electric cars have high torque at low speeds, with great acceleration capabilities – meaning that they can stand up to city driving. Some models are specifically designed for these conditions, with a top speed of about fifty miles per hour, but many newer models can easily reach highway speeds of about 70 mph. “Electric car” doesn’t have to mean “low performance”; the Tesla Roadster can go from 0-60 in four seconds, and has a top speed of 130 mph!

Today’s electric cars have performance and range that suit them to a variety of applications such as delivery use, commuting, city driving and trips where low-emission vehicles are required. Because of their versatility, electric cars are often used in commercial fleets and as company commuter vehicles.

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The Advantages and Features of 4×4 Wheels: Choosing the Best from the List

What is it that you think about for the first time when you hear about 4×4? It generally indicates a big and powerful vehicle which is capable of going off-road and driving over difficult terrain.

On one hand, this is true but these days, some of the fanciest utility and sports utility vehicles can also be classified as 4x4s. What does 4×4 really stand for? The first figure stands for the total number of wheels available in the vehicle and the second figure denotes the number of powered wheels present in the vehicle.


The Concept of 4×4 Vehicles:

In case of a front wheel drive car, the two front wheels are the ones getting power and in case of a rear wheel drive, the rear two wheels are powered to push the car. The front wheel drive vehicle ends up pulling the car.


Compared to that, the 4×4 vehicle equipped with buy 4X4 wheels has power in all the fourwheels and all of them are used to move a car forward. The vehicle comes with a drive train which allows all the four wheels to receive torque from the engine in a simultaneous manner. According to experts, powering all of the four wheels ensures better control than normal cars on any kind of terrain.

Therefore, does it mean that there is always power on all the four wheels? It is not necessarily so. In some four wheel drive vehicles, the power can be switched. This means the driver can manually switch between the two-wheel modes and four wheel modes for everyday driving and off-road experiences.


The Importance of 4×4 Rims:

The full time 4 wheel drives come with exceptional 4×4 wheels which allow them to be easily driven on any kind of surface. They are known for their great handling capabilities and they perform admirably on slippery surfaces where the need of proper grip is highly essential.

The four wheel drive vehicles with the best 4wd rims are mechanically simpler and they are also cheaper and tougher than all-wheel systems. They are much better in utilizing the available traction in the vehicles. The systems further come with gear reduction settings which multiply the torque for greater power in lower speeds. This is a vital feature for cars that see a lot of off-road usage.


The Benefits of the Modern Day 4×4 Wheels:

The only drawback is that it lacks any kind of a centre differential. Meanwhile, a part time system can be used in the low traction situations.

The four wheel drives systems are exceptionally advanced. When you are on a piece of muddy road and the front wheel ends up losing traction, the drive systems removes all power automatically from the front left wheel and then it is individually distributed on all the other three wheels.


With advanced Alloy wheels located on these four wheel drive systems, churning out the power of your vehicle off-road will be quite impressive. You need your vehicle to be equipped with proper wheels and functionality and the 4×4 wheels would be perfect for off-road usage and experience.

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Wheel Offset and Backspacing

Installing new wheels is a simple way to make a vehicle look different than all the others in the car park, but the purchase process can be confusing to the uninitiated. Backspacing and offset are two of the most unknown aspects when buying new Monster wheels, and as luck has it, they’re the two most vital measurements when making a selection.

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In this article we’ll explain what backspacing and offset are, and you’ll learn what to look for when taking measurements.

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Wheel Offset

Offset is a measurement of the distance from the wheel centre to the mounting face. When a wheel has a higher offset, it mounts further inward and offers greater clearance between the tyre’s outer edge and the fender. With lower offset wheels, they mount further inward, providing a wider stance and greater stability. It’s important to consult an installer before buying Speedy wheels to ensure that the set you choose provides sufficient offset to give you the clearance and style you desire.

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A wheel’s backspacing is the distance from its inside edge to its mounting face. Backspacing is equal to one-half of the wheel width plus the offset measured in inches, adding one-half inch to the total. Higher backspacing indicates that a wheel doesn’t protrude as far into the wheel well. Lifted 4x4s often have a maximum backspace, and if the number is too high, the wheels and tyres won’t fit the vehicle. Few 4WDs accommodate a backspace higher than five inches, and a backspacing measurement of less than that is common on lifted vehicles. Before buying a new set of wheels, consult a local installer to ensure that you are buying a set with the proper backspace to get the clearance and look you want.

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New TSW wheels can entirely change the look and characteristics of a vehicle, but you shouldn’t go into the wheel buying process without learning a few things first. Offset and backspacing are the most important measurements to take; without the numbers being right, the wheels simply won’t fit your vehicle. By learning how to take these measurements and by using them when making a selection, you’re sure to end up with the right type and size wheels for your vehicle.

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